Bring to the TOP your beauty salon

UALA Business mette a tua disposizione:
- Prenotazione Online
- CRM per la Gestione del Cliente
- Pubblicità Online
- App del TUO salone
- Sistema di Cassa Veloce
- Gestione del magazzino e ordini con un click.

Prenotazione su iPad

Offer your customers the opportunity to book online appointments

The digital agenda allows your customers to book FREE appointments at any time - from your website, from your Facebook page, or through your iOS and Android app.
Find out how to receive real-time online reps without commissions.
Anagrafica su iPad

Get the most out of your customer database management

Free software for hairdressers and aesthetics, UALA Business, automatically stores the customer history and personal information. You can store your customer data sheets directly on your tablet or smartphone at any time.
Also UALA Business FULL with your CRM will alert you when the customer is out of the frequency of a particular service, 'Irene does not make the color for 30 days'.
iPad and iPhone

Remember your customers when they are going to come to the salon.

UALA Business offers free of charge to all of your exclusive clients reminder reminders.
Decide when your customer will receive the message and never lose any appointment.
Marketing tools on your iPad

Increase checkout and cash flow with easy marketing tools

You can easily create promotions and events and communicate them directly to your customers via email or SMS.
You have the ability to share your customers according to their history and their features: lost customers, high-end customers, customers with birthday, low budget customers , Man or woman, age, treatments and last visit to the salon.

Increase the success of your beauty salon

Booking online appointments - Easy and available 24 hours on 24
Automatic appointment reminder - Reduces the risk of cancellations
Online calendar - Address book always in pocket on smartphone
Placing on dozens of online networks - Better visibility on the internet
Marketing - Newsletter, offerte, inviti ad eventi
Overview of customers - Groups, features, notes and appointments
Feedback function - For even better service
Website - Modern and professional image



Tax and budget receipts

UALA Business allows you to make customer payments, daily balances and data management in a simple and fast way. All payment methods are accepted by our cashier system. You can also receive payments directly online.

The advantages
  • Speed

    UALA Business allows you to print duplicate tax receipts in less than 1 second. You can also print customer quotes on the plain white rolls.

  • Legal compliance

    UALA Business complies with all applicable laws, allows easy cashing and quick handling of fees.



Managing your warehouse is easier than ever

UALA Business offers you a clear and simple warehouse management. Your employees will be able to load / unload goods, load newly delivered orders, check inventories and prepare commodity orders within seconds. You will also be able to send the order just prepared to your vendor with a click.

The advantages
  • Simplicity

    You can install the UALA Business warehouse in multiple locations in the salon, for example in the Color Bar, so you can immediately download the colors used during the day.
    You can use a barcode scanner to be faster.

  • Orders

    UALA Business is the first system that allows you to send orders online via email to your vendor. Do not stay longer without products for extended periods and send orders in time to receive them at the desired time.



Check your salon agenda from any smartphone, enter and edit your appointments as you like. Log on to the MANAGER and check the statistics at any time. Do not miss any data, our clouds are safe and inaccessible.

Controlla l'agenda del tuo salone da qualsiasi smartphone, inserisci e modifica gli appuntamenti come vuoi. Accedi al MANAGER e controlla le statistiche in ogni momento. Non perdere più nessun dato, i nostri cloud sono sicuri e inaccessibili.

The advantages
  • Agenda Online

    Potrai accedere alla tua agenda online in qualsiasi momento, ogni volta che riceverai una richiesta di appuntamento fuori dal salone potrai controllare l'agenda e modificarla secondo le tue disponibilità.

  • Manager

    MANAGER allows you to monitor salon statistics, employee productivity, sales, attendance, and marketing and customer communications management.

iPad and iPhone


Online booking for hairdressers, aesthetics, spa and massage centers

With UALA.IT you can make your customers online free and get them from thousands of new customers in your area. The exclusive UALA.IT network is part of the large family with over 30mln of active users.

The advantages
  • Increase attendance

    Give your customers the opportunity to book online for free and at any time will give a boost to your attendance. Whenever a customer fails to contact you by phone, your salon loses a presence. Every year a salon of 4 people loses about 250 attendance due to the difficulty of being reached by their customers.

  • New customers

    UALA Business allows you to be part of the exclusive network that through iOS / Android apps and apps will give tens of thousands of users every month the free spaces of your agenda. Today, acquiring a new customer at a beauty salon costs an average of 19 euros: find out how to reduce this cost to less than a third thanks to

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